Restoration & Preparation

In the past 15 years Forza Service has build up a good reputation for the restoration and preparation of Ferrari's. In different media you are able to read how Forza Service has prepared some of the most unique Ferrari's for competitions (Villa d' Este, Pebble Beach) auctions (RM Auctions) and Rallies.

Our mechanics, from the Classische department, with their craftsmanship, originality and eye for detail, are responsible for getting our showpieces out there and taking the prizes. We are proud to have contributed to these superb Ferrari's. We therefore see it as our duty to keep these diamonds in original state and to keep them that way.


Race cars

Besides restoring classic Ferrari's we also specialize in preparing exclusive race cars (classic and/or modern). Even though Forza Service has the know-how and expertise to give pit stop assistance we choose not to. We do however, in accordance with the owners of many (historical) races; Shell Ferrari series, Maranello series and others, prepare the cars for optimum performance. Forza Service can rely on their experience with many different models like the 250 TdF, 250 SWB, 308 GT/M, 550 Prodrive and different Ferrari's that we created by the factory for racing. Not just the Formula 1 cars, but also think of the different "Challenge" cars.


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