Ferrari Owners Club

Throughout the World there are many active Ferrari Clubs. These ?Owners Clubs? are supported by the factory. Ferrari enthusiasts come together and share their passion. The clubs organize gatherings to drive and to exchange experiences. The Ferrari Club Nederland is a very active club with an exceptional amount of members. Forza Service has a supporting role and does so during on site events. From all the positive feedback from members we conclude that this is a welcome service.

The Ferrari Club Nederland started in 1983 when a group of well known Ferrari drivers came together at the Twentse Kabel Fabriek for the famous ?Racing round the Cables?. It was initiated by Dries van der Lof, a genuine car lover and Ferrari enthusiast.

The Ferrari Club Nederland organizes rallies, tour rides, circuit days, driver training, Gala?s and charity meetings. With approximately 8 events per year and 1000 member the club is one of the biggest of its kind. Worldwide Ferrari Clubs have a total of about 12.500 members.

Ferrari Club Nederland and other relevant countries

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