Maintenance & Repair

Forza Service B.V. is specialized in working with Ferrari; specifically the maintenance and repair. The workshop is stocked with all the necessary materials, specialist equipment and the best tools. The true force behind the company are the mechanics, their craftsmanship and passion for the Ferrari brand. Eye for detail combined with 25 years of experience with the brand makes all the difference. It is our goal to bring your Ferrari in top shape and to keep it that way, so you can enjoy riding your Ferrari and your car will maintain its value.

For your regular check-up we can give you a quota before any work is done. If we find any irregularities we will let you know up front, including the extra cost. We work exclusively with original (Ferrari) parts and many of these are in stock. Furthermore we have high quality used parts because new parts can sometimes be unavailable.

Maintain and/or repair all types of Ferrari's.

In principle we can maintain and/or repair all types of Ferrari's. From the Ferrari 166 to the 612 Scaglietti, from historical racer ti a more recent Ferrari 430, Forza Service can do it all. Forza Service is comprised of a "Moderno" and a "Classiche" department with each their own specialized and experienced mechanics. We advise Ferrari owners who still fall under the (power) guarantee to get their maintenance and repair done by factory affiliated dealers. As independent specialist we are unable to work with the factory guarantee.


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