From a passion for technology and a huge love for the Ferrari brand, Alex Jansen started the company Forza Service in 1993. Alex started more than 10 years before, his career at a known Ferrari classic racecar specialist.

Due to his enthusiasm and qualitative work the company grew at a fast pace. The new office building, on the Galliërsweg in Oss, was finished in 1995 and a second building was added in 2005. In the first instance the location seemed an illogical choice. But now most Ferrari enthusiasts call Oss "the Dutch Maranello". We couldn't have hoped for a bigger complement.

With a highly skilled team, passion and a loyal customer base Forza Service is now one of the largest players in the market. We are proud of many recognition and mutch laudatory messages. The threshold at Forza Service should remain low, our customers feel at home and are always welcome.

Ferrari is our passion, happy customers our drive!





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